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Personalised Rock Candy

Promotional Items in Personalised Rock Candy

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20 Gram Rock Candy Bags
500 min qty
from $2.19 to $1.65 ea
20 Gram Rock Candy Bags come in a variety of flavours.
40g Rock-Candy Bag
250 min qty
from $3.36 to $2.30 ea
40g Rock Candy Bags are clear plastic bags that contain 40g of irresistible hand made candies and make excellent custom gifts
50 Piece Rock Candy
100 min qty
from $7.08 to $5.19 ea
50 Piece Rock Candy is a flavourable giveaway item.
Personalised Rock Candy
125 min qty
from $6.75 to $5.08 ea
Personalised Rock Candy is an exciting and innovative Christmas giveaway idea.
Personalized Rock Candy Box
100 min qty
from $7.58 to $5.81 ea
Personalized Rock Candy Boxes can be printed with your business name and logo
Pillow Pack Rock-Candy
500 min qty
from $2.38 to $2.01 ea
Pillow Pack Rock Candy have a 50mm x 40mm print area ideal for most corporate logos, all numbers and wording you would like
Plastic Rock-Candy Jar
100 min qty
from $10.65 to $7.79 ea
Plastic Rock Candy Jars have 135grams of handmade candies piled inside and plenty of room for marketing your image
Promotional Rock-Candy
250 min qty
from $5.33 to $2.90 ea
Promotional Rock Candy will get your corporate message across while providing a useful marketing tool with tasty treats
Rock Candy Canister
250 min qty
from $6.53 to $5.02 ea
Rock Candy Canisters are a handy craft type giveaway idea.
Rock Candy Noodle Box
100 min qty
from $7.07 to $5.72 ea
Rock Candy Noodle Boxes have a number of colours and flavours available
Rock-Candy Jar
100 min qty
from $11.55 to $8.91 ea
Rock Candy Jars are clear square jars filled with 135 grams of candies and plenty of promotional opportunities available
Tall Rock-Candy Jar
100 min qty
from $11.55 to $8.91 ea
Tall Rock Candy Jars have a sleek clear look, promotional branding space and are filled with 150 grams of candies inside

Rock candy is a popular promotional confectionery item and especially for weddings as well. Our website has a huge selection of hand made and delicious custom rock candy products that can really help promote and advertise your business in a variety of situations. All of our personalized rock candy bags, custom rock candy packs and rock candy gifts can be fully customized with your business information including your company logo, details, business slogan and corporate name all printed on a 50mm x 50mm sticker that is stuck to the front of the cello bags that package the rock candy products.

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