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Homeware Accessories for Promotions - Bathroom, Glasses & Towels

Our home promotional section has a great range of quality wine glasses and drinking glasses along with handy items for the house such as knife block sets, cheese boards and even a wine thermometer than can check the temperature of your wine by placing it around the neck of the bottle.

You’ll find a great choice of promotional gifts in this section that we can custom print your corporate message onto.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Homeware

Stainless Steel Coffee Plunger
25 min qty
from $19.10 to $13.94 ea
Stainless Steel Coffee Plunger with one litre capacity are double walled to keep your coffee hotter for longer
Cheese Board Pack
25 min qty
from $34.32 to $23.93 ea
Cheese Board Packs make unique gift ideas that are a great way to generate a memorable image for your company
Promo Countdown Timer
50 min qty
from $14.04 to $9.75 ea
Promo Countdown Timers are attractive desk time pieces perfects for branding with your logo for promo giveaways.
Premium Salt and Pepper Shaker
50 min qty
from $25.77 to $18.98 ea
Premium Salt and Pepper Shakers with a stainless steel body make for a perfect corporate gift
Floating Wall Clock
25 min qty
from $17.95 to $6.58 ea
Floating Wall Clocks are creative promotional products that give the black clock face a floating look
Compact Air Freshener
150 min qty
from $4.12 to $2.48 ea
Compact Air Fresheners are excellent promotional products and are the ultimate portable fresh spray
Small Promo Bubble Bath Bottle
150 min qty
from $4.91 to $3.20 ea
Small Promo Bubble Bath Bottles are luxurious and relaxing promo gift products great for business give aways
Small Bubble Bath Tube
150 min qty
from $4.87 to $3.43 ea
Small Bubble Bath Tubes are easy to use squeeze tubes containing a beautiful and relaxing bubble bath formula
Scented Soap Gift Bag
150 min qty
from $6.71 to $4.20 ea
Scented Soap Gift Bags are beautifully wrapped promotional gift products that can be customized with your business logo
Glass Aromatic Candle
150 min qty
from $7.98 to $5.56 ea
Glass Aromatic Candles are elegant promotion accessories that will make a welcome addition to any home or office
Large Travel Candle
150 min qty
from $7.48 to $4.88 ea
Large Travel Candles are portable scented candles presented in a beautiful personalized tin canister
Unscented Votive Candle
150 min qty
from $7.45 to $5.16 ea
Unscented Votive Candles are beautiful unscented candles displayed in a glass casing with beautiful colours
Wheat Eye Pillow
500 min qty
from $8.36 to $3.60 ea
Wheat Eye Pillows are promotional heating pillows used to relax muscles and soothe tired bodies
Promotional Apron
25 min qty
from $21.52 to $13.91 ea
Continental Aprons are an attractive and functional apron made from durable cotton drill
Cotton Drill Apron with Pocket
25 min qty
from $20.24 to $12.83 ea
Cotton Drill Apron with Pockets are excellent promotional products that are sure to serve your business well
Popover Apron with Pocket
25 min qty
from $24.72 to $16.61 ea
Popover Apron with Pockets are great quality and affordable promotional aprons that are perfect for convenient use within the kitchen
Half Length Cotton Drill Apron
25 min qty
from $17.84 to $10.80 ea
Half Length Cotton Drill Aprons are the simple, affordable and effective promotional premium that is great for any business
Budget Half Length Apron
25 min qty
from $16.00 to $9.25 ea
Budget Half Length Aprons will certainly help increase your corporate image with their great promotional potential and affordable price
Poly Cotton Short Apron
25 min qty
from $14.40 to $7.90 ea
Poly Cotton Short Aprons are convenient, affordable and premium quality promotional tools to deliver to valued customers and staff
1/4 Length Apron
25 min qty
from $14.24 to $7.76 ea
1/4 Length Aprons are sure to be well received as excellent quality promotional products due to their wholesale price and quality nature
Personalised Hot Chocolate Sachet
2500 min qty
from $3.65 to $2.73 ea
Personalised Hot Chocolate Sachets are an ideal marketing tool for any business or sporting club
Herbal Tea Jar
150 min qty
from $9.17 to $5.42 ea
Herbal Tea Jars come with your choice of either standard or deluxe tea flavours
Custom Vegetable Soap
250 min qty
from $3.77 to $2.77 ea
Custom Vegetable Soaps are available individually shrink wrapped with a custom printed label.
Deluxe Egg Timer
25 min qty
from $14.20 to $8.44 ea
Deluxe Egg Timers are a practical promotional gift idea.
Neck April
25 min qty
from $17.00 to $8.52 ea
Neck Aprils are excellent promotional aprons.