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Promotional Toys - Games & Puzzles

Our Promotional Toys & Games section offers a diverse range of fun items that are perfect for creating brand awareness and engaging customers. The promotional toys category includes popular games like Rubik's cubes, fidget spinners, and playing cards, which can all be custom branded with your company's logo or message. The puzzles category features a variety of brain teasers, wooden puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles that can also be personalised to showcase your brand.

In addition to games and puzzles, we also offers a variety of other promotional products, such as stress balls, yo-yos, frisbees, and boomerangs. These products are ideal for corporate events, trade shows, and marketing campaigns, and are sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Whether you're looking to promote your business, launch a new product, or simply create a fun giveaway for your customers, we have a great selection of promotional toys and games to choose from. With custom branding options, you can ensure that your brand is front and centre on these products, making them an effective and memorable marketing tool.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Games & Toys

Promotional Frisbee
50 min qty
from $4.77 to $3.81 ea
Promotional Frisbees are the soft frisbees which make a fun addition to any corporate product line
Mini Cricket Ball
50 min qty
from $11.20 to $3.97 ea
Mini Cricket Balls are made from genuine leather are fantastic promotional items for everyone
Domino Set
50 min qty
from $16.70 to $13.17 ea
Domino Sets are a prestigious way to promote your business, club or association. Great promotional giveaway idea.
Custom Monopoly Set
1500 min qty
Custom Monopoly Sets with personalised printed board and game cards
Personalised Twister
2500 min qty
Personalised Twister will bring your brand to life in a fun way
Multi Game Set
25 min qty
from $39.37 to $31.48 ea
Multi Game Sets are excellent promotional leisure games.
Card Game Travel Set
25 min qty
from $16.28 to $10.23 ea
Card Game Travel Sets are the perfect promotional gift product
Soft Teddy Bear
50 min qty
from $30.60 to $22.69 ea
Soft Teddy Bears are the cute toy teddy bears
Coloured Putty
250 min qty
from $3.54 to $3.01 ea
Coloured Putty's are available in assorted colours.
Pyramid Puzzle Set
150 min qty
from $4.97 to $4.41 ea
Pyramid Puzzle Sets are available in blue or white colours
Travel Sudoku Book
250 min qty
from $2.95 to $1.78 ea
Travel Sudoku Books can be printed with full colour graphics
Printed Shake A Word
250 min qty
from $3.01 to $2.12 ea
Printed Shake A Words are available in a variety of colours
Branded Water Gun
150 min qty
from $10.28 to $9.51 ea
Branded Water Guns are refreshing promotional products for the summer
Mini Full Colour Frisbee
500 min qty
from $3.33 to $3.08 ea
Mini Full Colour Frisbees are fun for all the family.
Double Dribble Mini Basketball Game
50 min qty
from $25.65 to $22.83 ea
Double Dribble Mini Basketball Games let you shoot hoops from your desk.
Kaleidoscope Spring
240 min qty
from $4.33 to $3.79 ea
Kaleidoscope Springs are a fun glow in the dark promotional item for all ages.
100 min qty
from $3.82 to $2.21 ea
Academy Coaster Puzzles are produced in a top quality EVA foam material.
100 min qty
from $6.60 to $3.97 ea
Avira Puzzles can be supplied in nine interesting colours.
250 min qty
from $1.64 to $1.27 ea
Bry Yoyos can be supplied in your choice of six great colours.
Colourful Putty
150 min qty
from $4.88 to $3.55 ea
Colourful Putty can be supplied in three different, bright colours.
Paddle & Ball Set
100 min qty
from $6.23 to $5.32 ea
Paddle and Ball Sets come with 2 paddles and a ball, presented in a black mesh drawstring pouch.
The Whirl
250 min qty
from $1.87 to $1.63 ea
Help your customers and clients relieve their stress with these promotional The Whirl Yoyos.
Eco Friendly YoYo
100 min qty
from $2.31 to $1.92 ea
Printed Eco-Friendly Yoyos are one of the best gifts you can give to your kids.
Plastic Blinking Yoyo
100 min qty
from $2.21 to $1.17 ea
Branded Plastic Blinking Yoyos put a spin on your advertising campaign.
Water Pump Gun
150 min qty
from $6.04 to $4.44 ea
Water Pump Guns are fun for kids and for the whole family.

Corporate Gift Ideas

The items offered on Handy Imprints' promotional toys and games page are excellent for promoting a company, organisation, or cause, such as a charity. These products can be custom branded with a company's logo or message, making them an effective marketing tool for creating brand awareness and increasing visibility.

By distributing promotional toys and games at trade shows, corporate events, or as giveaways, businesses can create a lasting impression on potential customers. These products can also be used as a thank-you gift to loyal customers or as an incentive for employees, which can boost morale and improve customer loyalty.

Charities can benefit from these products by using them as fundraising tools, giving them away as prizes, or selling them to generate revenue. These items can help spread awareness of a charity's cause and encourage donations. The stress balls, in particular, are an excellent choice for promoting mental health charities and creating a sense of calm and relaxation.

Overall, the products on Handy Imprints promotional toys and games page offer a fun and engaging way to promote a company, organisation, or cause. With custom branding options available, businesses and charities can create a unique and memorable marketing tool that will leave a lasting impression on their target audience.

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