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Promotional Toys - Games & Puzzles

Card Games
Card Games8 items
Frisbees30 items
Magic Cubes
Magic Cubes20 items
Puzzles28 items
Slinkys5 items
Water Guns
Water Guns6 items
YoYos14 items

Our promotional toys, games and puzzles section has always proved to be a popular promotional product gift. You can choose from such fun things as electronic games, frisbees, challenging puzzles and even chess sets. There are plenty of promotional merchandise options when it comes to our games and puzzles section of promotional products.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Games & Toys

Globe Puzzle
25 min qty
from $42.08 to $32.87 ea
Globe Puzzles are fun executive promotional gifts in quality silver metal with magnetic pieces for a fun puzzle to solve
Puzzle Set
100 min qty
from $7.63 to $5.85 ea
Puzzle Sets are the mind teasers that make wonderful executive presents for your business associates
Flexy Frisbee
50 min qty
from $4.38 to $2.32 ea
Flexy Frisbees are the great value foldable frisbees that make business fun days even more successful
Promotional Frisbee
50 min qty
from $6.08 to $3.54 ea
Promotional Frisbees are the soft frisbees which make a fun addition to any corporate product line
Colourful Yo Yo
50 min qty
from $3.25 to $1.57 ea
Colourful Yo Yos are a great promotional item and can be custom printed with your logo to enhance your image
Mini Chrome Boules Set
50 min qty
from $14.51 to $10.20 ea
Mini Chrome Boules Sets can be screen or laser printed with your company logo making them a great advertising tool everytime.
Soft Football
50 min qty
from $7.94 to $2.53 ea
Soft Footballs come in red and are great for team building excercises when printed with your brand logo
7-in-1 Game Set
25 min qty
from $23.96 to $13.27 ea
7-in-1 Game Sets feature seven fun games and can be branded with your logo for a unique way of marketing your brand
Customised Jigsaw Puzzle
250 min qty
from $7.45 to $3.65 ea
Customised Jigsaw Puzzles can be printed with any design for a fun and creative way of promoting your brand
Cheap Frisbee
100 min qty
from $2.03 to $1.65 ea
Cheap Frisbees have a dynamic white colour, giving you all the options when deciding on printing you corporate brand image
Donut Frisbee
250 min qty
from $1.74 to $1.33 ea
Donut Frisbees are the hollow flying machine, which gives you the ultimate in promotional exposure for your brand image.
Mega Magic Cube
500 min qty
from $20.93 to $8.58 ea
Mega Magic Cubes are larger versions of traditional magic cubes, making them prime promotional tools for your company brand
Mini Magic Can
300 min qty
from $12.81 to $3.93 ea
Mini Magic Cans resemble cans of beer and come with enough promotional branding space to get the results you desire
Small Magic Diamond
300 min qty
from $11.83 to $3.84 ea
Small Magic Diamonds start as cubes but morph into diamonds, with promotional opportunities along the way
Tiny Magic Ring
500 min qty
from $9.38 to $3.25 ea
Tiny Magic Rings will promote any product that is ring shaped and are available for bulk purchase
Custom Rubiks Cube
300 min qty
from $14.14 to $5.20 ea
Custom Rubiks Cubes are 57mm in size and come in a 2 x 2 format with room on each side for promotional marketing
Large Rubiks Cube
300 min qty
from $19.74 to $9.43 ea
Large Rubiks Cube are challenging games that use each side to actively promote your corporate identity
Rubiks Cube Torch
500 min qty
from $9.38 to $3.32 ea
Rubik Cube Torches are unique in design and will effectively market your business name and logo
Personalised Twister
2500 min qty
Personalised Twister will bring your brand to life in a fun way
Wooden Yo Yo
100 min qty
from $2.69 to $1.63 ea
Wooden Yo Yos are inexpensive promotional products.
Mini Foosball
10 min qty
from $71.60 to $63.00 ea
Mini Foosballs are exciting and fun promotional gift sets
Promo Frisbee
250 min qty
from $2.96 to $1.63 ea
Promo Frisbees are excellent games for the beach.
Basketball Frisbee
150 min qty
from $3.07 to $1.77 ea
Basketball Frisbees are durable and long lasting promo products
Multiple Juggling Game
250 min qty
from $1.46 to $1.20 ea
Multiple Juggling Games are available in your choice of four colour combinations.
Promotional Water Gun
50 min qty
from $6.03 to $3.36 ea
Promotional Water Guns can be custom printed.

Corporate Gift Ideas

When looking for fun games, puzzles or promotional toys, Handy Imprints has one of the largest selections in Australia. Our promotional toys includes a diverse range of games including ever popular yoyos, frisbees made from recycled plastic, metal boules sets and even simple games like noughts and crosses and the list of puzzles just keeps getting larger.

Choose your next printed promotional game or puzzles or any of our promotional products with confidence as we have been supplying quality promotional gifts in Australia for many years.