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Answers below to the most frequently asked questions about our Promotional Products.
How do I get a quote?
Prices are shown online, but if you need a written quote, the best way to get this is to go to the product page on the website and click on “Request Quote”. Just fill out your details, and you will receive a quote within 24 hours at the latest.
How long does it take to make my product?
All locally sourced products take one to two weeks for production. Overseas sourced products take approximately three weeks. Any product with longer lead times usually has something mentioned on the product page regarding timings.
I can’t wait for one to two weeks. I need it now. Do you have faster options?
Yes, we do. We have an extensive range of products available with a three-day turnaround and some with a 24-hour turnaround.
Can we get an account with you?
As we are online based, all orders are paid before we commence the job; however, once you have placed and completed three jobs with us, we can send out a credit application form for a 30 day account.
We are a council and do not prepay for goods. What can you do for us?
This is no problem. If you are a council, government body, school or university, we will accept a Purchase Order from you and give you an automatic 30-day account.
I found the product I want, but you don’t have the colour I need. Can you do other colours than what is listed?
Most products only come standard as the colours we list on our website; however, if you order a large quantity and have the time to wait, we can usually do a custom order directly from overseas.
We are a charity. Can you help us with pricing?
Definitely, we can help you. Any registered charity in Australia is welcome to contact us to discuss your needs, and we can certainly help in regards to the costings of the products.
Does the price shown include putting my logo onto the product?
Yes, it does. Every product listed on our site includes branding. Underneath the prices shown, it tells you what is included in the price.
I only need a small amount. Can I buy less than the minimum you advertise?
For most products, the answer is no. We deal in bulk orders, and the factories we deal with also sell in bulk orders, so it is very difficult for them to do an order of a small quantity. If you need a smaller amount than advertised, please still contact us as we may have an alternative product from a different supplier with a smaller minimum.
I can’t locate our logo in the format you need. Can you still do the job for us?
Yes, we can. Luckily we have an in-house graphics team that can redraw logos to what we require. So if you only have a .jpg or .bmp, send that to us, and we can let you know. Depending on the size of the order and how complex your logo is, we often do this as a free, complimentary service.
I want to place a large order, but I don’t have room to store the product. Do you offer warehousing?
Yes, we do. We have modern, clean facilities offering 3PL services.
Can I see a sample with my logo?
As standard, we can send samples out unbranded – please read our samples policy. We can do samples with your logo, but they would need to be paid for and expensive. Almost every client we deal with is happy with an unbranded sample, and then we do a digital mock-up of your logo on the product for approval. If you would still prefer a sample with your logo, contact us, and we can go through the costings for you. There would be a set-up fee, print fee and a production fee.
What happens when I place an order?
After an order is placed, the process is as follows:
  • We will send paperwork to be digitally signed, which will include a full written quote with all costings, plus a promised despatch date, a page with your artwork done on a digital mock-up of the product and lastly, a terms and conditions page.
  • Once signed off, both us and yourself will receive a copy.
  • Once received, if you do not have an account with us, you will receive an invoice for payment.
  • Once payment is received, we then commence the job for you.
I have a cheaper quote from someone else – will you beat it?
We understand the competitive nature of an online business, and we are always happy to look at other quotes to see what we can do. We would need a copy of the quote to ensure we are comparing “oranges” to “oranges”. Some companies use cheap materials and dodgy suppliers. All of our factories are vetted, and sometimes, we have opted to supply a more expensive item from a different supplier because we believe we should be providing a product with longevity. The last thing you want to do is give your clients something that stops or falls apart after the first use. You may have saved money on the cheaper product, but it does nothing to enhance your brand.
We are in a remote area of Australia. Can you still ship to us?
Yes, we can. We can ship anywhere in Mainland Australia and Tasmania. Any other off-shore islands we can deliver to whoever your mainland freight forwarder is.
Do you ship overseas?
Sorry, but we do not ship overseas due to the complexities of custom entry for different countries. New Zealand is the only exception to this, as we are familiar with the entry requirements there. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to all other countries, though we can ship to your nominated freight forwarder and provide them with any paperwork you require.
I found a cool looking product on another website – can you source it?
We have close to a million products on our centralised database with items from all over the world. As long as we have a clear image or a sample of the item, the chances are good that we can locate the same thing or something very similar.
I have an idea for a product – do you do custom products?
We definitely can do custom products. We have many manufacturing bases worldwide that we deal with and have done 100’s of custom projects previously. So get in touch with us, and we can help.
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