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Personalised Candy - Branded Lollies for Weddings & Events

Our confectionery products have always proven to be popular personalised candy gifts. There are plenty of promotional options when it comes to our confectionery products. You can choose from bags of branded lollies to large tins filled with candy and all our confectionery items are easy to customise with your logo or corporate message.

You’ll discover a promotional confectionery giveaway that’s perfect for your next promotion in the huge range of confectionery and personalised chocolates that we stock.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Confectionery

50g M&Ms Biz Cards
100 min qty
from $3.00 to $2.23 ea
MMs Business Cards are the cost effective sweet treat that make effective corporate marketing items to showcase your brand.
Promo Jelly Bean Bucket
100 min qty
from $7.05 to $4.88 ea
Promo Jelly Bean Buckets in a mini PVC bucket with 400g of corporate coloured beans are ideal for trade show giveaways
Mentos Promo Bucket
100 min qty
from $9.90 to $7.26 ea
Mentos Promo Buckets customised with your corporate logo on the lid will make a deliciously creative way to market your image.
Jelly Bean Champagne Bottle
100 min qty
from $5.25 to $4.16 ea
Jelly Bean Champagne Bottles personalised with your logo in two places make great value corporate gifts with a fun element
Chocolate Beans
100 min qty
from $1.57 to $0.83 ea
Chocolate Beans make excellent promotional items and make fun corporate hand out items for kids and adults alike
90g Choc Beans Twist Jar
100 min qty
from $3.58 to $2.93 ea
90g Choc Beans Twist Jars are excellent promo items with the option to label the twist open jar with a sticker with your company logo
170g Chocolate Beans
100 min qty
from $6.02 to $4.81 ea
170g Chocolate Beans come in a medium sized jar with a twist opening lid and make excellent promotional gifts
Mints in Dollar Sign Case
100 min qty
from $2.94 to $2.24 ea
Mints in Dollar Sign Cases are essential promotional items that should be an addition to all companies merchandising range
Flow Wrap Mint
2500 min qty
from $0.15 to $0.11 ea
Flow Wrap Mints have a crown designed imprinted in the mint and then wrapped individually with your company logo printed on the wrapping
Choc Beans Heart Box
100 min qty
from $3.15 to $2.34 ea
Choc Beans Heart Boxes have 50g of smart look a like confectionary chocolates cased in a small acrylic heart gift box great for promotion
Acrylic Heart Mint
100 min qty
from $2.81 to $2.02 ea
Acrylic Heart Mints make excellent promotional gifts that are small enough that they can be used as mass marketing hand outs
M&Ms Heart Box
100 min qty
from $3.64 to $2.86 ea
M&Ms Heart Boxes are fun and colourful promotional items with a customizable heart gift case filled with 50g of M&M chocolates
50g Coloured Humbug
250 min qty
from $2.73 to $2.03 ea
50g Coloured Humbugs come with 50g of coloured and flavoured humbugs in a personalized clear cello bag
Small Square Humbug Jar
100 min qty
from $3.53 to $2.85 ea
Small Square Humbug Jars come in a square twist locking jar that can be personalized by labeling the sticker branded on the outside
Square Humbug Jar
100 min qty
from $5.04 to $4.10 ea
Square Humbug Jars come in a compact square jar that seals with a twisting lid keeping the tasty and colourful humbug candies fresh
180g Tall Humbug Jar
100 min qty
from $4.69 to $3.84 ea
180g Tall Humbug Jars are excellent promotional gift items with a large number of humbug candies contained by a promotional twist jar
Sugarfree Mint Tin
250 min qty
from $1.65 to $1.43 ea
Sugarfree Mint Tins contain 100 sugar free mints sealed inside a customizable tin that will fit in your pants pocket easily
Rounded Mint Tin
100 min qty
from $5.36 to $3.64 ea
Rounded Mint Tins are a simple way to promote your corporate message while providing tasty treats to customers and clients
Rounded Jelly Bean Tin
100 min qty
from $4.97 to $3.32 ea
Rounded Jelly Bean Tins provide plenty of promotional opportunity with an attractive look and space for your printed brand
Humbug Rounded Tin
100 min qty
from $5.11 to $3.64 ea
Humbug Rounded Tins come full of delightful confectionary treats that make them highly effective marketing tools
Jelly Bean Tube
100 min qty
from $2.69 to $1.89 ea
Jelly Bean Tubes are effective marketing tools because of the print space available on the tube and the sweet candy inside
Clear Mint Tubes
100 min qty
from $3.02 to $2.15 ea
Clear Mint Tubes provide tasty treats and branding opportunities for your next big marketing push
Mint Pull Can
100 min qty
from $6.30 to $4.42 ea
Mint Pull Cans are the fun way to promote your business and make your company happy with these resealable mint pull cans
Jelly Bean Pull Can
100 min qty
from $6.09 to $4.29 ea
Jelly Bean Pull Cans are great value promotional products that wont break the marketing budget but still deliver a unique item to your customers
Chocolate Pull Can
100 min qty
from $7.00 to $5.33 ea
Chocolate Pull Cans are the promotional giveaway item you know that everyone will love and enjoy

Corporate Gift Ideas

When looking for a quality personalised confectionery, we have one of the largest selections in Australia. Our branded candy includes a diverse range of products including promotional lollies, candy, mints, chocolates, lollipops and the list just keeps growing. Our personalised confectionery are just one of hundreds of corporate gifts Handy Imprints offers.

Choose your promotional confectionery product or any of our items with confidence as we have been supplying quality promotional products to the corporate market for many years. We have such a huge range of branded confectionery products to choose from, we have no doubt you’ll find the perfect yummy confectionery from our choices above.