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Personalised Candy

Acid Drops
Acid Drops35 items
Billboards18 items
Buckets24 items
Cello Bags
Cello Bags134 items
Chewy Fruits
Chewy Fruits36 items
Chocolates100+ items
Easter42 items
Frogs8 items
Gum27 items
Header Bags
Header Bags36 items
Humbugs9 items
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans150 items
Lollipops11 items
Lozenges4 items
Mentos14 items
Mints179 items
Noodle Boxes
Noodle Boxes37 items
Nuts45 items
Paint Tins
Paint Tins32 items
Pallets2 items
Pill Bottles
Pill Bottles25 items
Pillow Boxes
Pillow Boxes50 items
Pull Cans
Pull Cans17 items
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Savoury52 items
Skittles23 items
Snakes10 items
Syringes5 items
Test Tubes
Test Tubes9 items
Toffees9 items
Window Bags
Window Bags12 items

Our Confectionery section offers a wide range of personalized candy and branded lollies that are perfect for weddings, parties, and corporate events. These products are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours and can be customized with a company's logo, message, or personalization. It features an extensive selection of customizable sweets that can be used to promote a company or organization. The product categories on this page are divided into lollipops, chocolates, jelly beans, mints, and more. Each of these categories offers a range of delicious treats in various flavours and packaging options, ensuring that there is something for every promotional need.

The lollipop category includes a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, which can be customized with a company's logo or message. Chocolates can be wrapped in foil with custom branding or can be printed directly onto the chocolate itself. Jelly beans can be customized with a range of colours to match a company's branding, and mints can be packaged in tins, bags, or boxes.

They are perfect for events such as trade shows, product launches, and corporate events. They are a fun and memorable way to promote a company's brand and leave a lasting impression on customers. Custom branding on these products ensures that a company's message will be seen and remembered long after the event has ended.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Confectionery

Made in Australia50g Jelly Bean Biz Cards
100 min qty
from $1.80 to $1.34 ea
Step into a world of delicious networking with Yummy Business Cards—an innovative fusion of creativity and sweetness.
Made in Australia50g M&Ms Biz Cards
100 min qty
from $3.08 to $2.48 ea
M&Ms Business Cards are the cost effective sweet treat that make effective corporate marketing items to showcase your brand.
Made in AustraliaPromo Jelly Bean Bucket
50 min qty
from $10.56 to $8.20 ea
Promo Jelly Bean Buckets offer a creative and delicious platform to showcase your business logo.
Made in AustraliaJelly Bean Champagne Bottle
100 min qty
from $6.38 to $5.06 ea
Jelly Bean Champagne Bottles personalised with your logo in two places make great value corporate gifts with a fun element.
Made in AustraliaMint Filled Champagne Bottle
100 min qty
from $7.65 to $5.81 ea
Mint Filled Champagne Bottles filled with 220 grams of jelly beans are the perfect corporate gift idea that is imaginative.
Made in AustraliaChocolate Bean Champagne Bottles
100 min qty
from $10.20 to $8.03 ea
Chocolate Bean Champagne Bottles with two sticker corporate logo opportunities make creative and great value corporate gift ideas
Made in AustraliaM&M Champagne Bottle
100 min qty
from $11.93 to $9.38 ea
M&M Champagne Bottles are always popular promotional advertising items with 2 sticker customized print areas available
Made in AustraliaChocolate Beans
100 min qty
from $1.65 to $0.90 ea
Unleash a burst of sweetness with our Chocolate Beans, packaged in charming cello bags that await your personalised touch.
Made in AustraliaChoc Beans in Jar
100 min qty
from $5.18 to $4.01 ea
Dive into indulgence with our Choc Beans in Jar—a feast for the senses and a perfect promotional gem.
Made in AustraliaAcrylic Dollar Sign Jelly Beans
100 min qty
from $2.78 to $2.05 ea
Add a dash of creativity to your promotions with Acrylic Dollar Sign Jelly Beans—a playful addition to gift accessories.
Made in AustraliaMints in Dollar Sign Case
100 min qty
from $2.94 to $2.32 ea
Mints in Dollar Sign Cases offer a refreshing twist to promotional giveaways, ideal for office settings and reception areas.
Made in AustraliaAcrylic Heart Mint
100 min qty
from $3.38 to $2.59 ea
Acrylic Heart Mints make excellent promotional gifts that are small enough that they can be used as mass marketing hand outs
Made in AustraliaCorporate Coloured Humbug
100 min qty
from $1.76 to $1.04 ea
The Corporate Coloured Humbugs are perfect little bursts of fruity sweetness designed for memorable promotions.
Made in AustraliaSquare Humbug Jar
100 min qty
from $5.52 to $4.39 ea
Square Humbug Jars are perfect complements to any corporate gift ensemble that promises to brighten your client’s day.
Made in AustraliaSugarfree Mint Tin
250 min qty
from $2.12 to $1.86 ea
Sugarfree Mint Tins contain 100 sugar free mints sealed inside a customizable tin that will fit in your pants pocket easily
Made in AustraliaMint Or Musk Tin
100 min qty
from $4.05 to $2.70 ea
Mint or Musk Tins are sleek rectangle hinge tins, brimming with 65g of invigorating mints or musks.
Made in AustraliaRounded Mint Tin
100 min qty
from $6.08 to $4.32 ea
Rounded Mint Tins feature a clear glass window lid, offering a peek at the delightful 150g of mints or musks inside.
Made in AustraliaJelly Bean Tube
100 min qty
from $3.12 to $2.24 ea
Unveil the magic of our Clear Jelly Bean Tubes—a whimsical journey into sweetness and branding brilliance.
Made in AustraliaClear Mint Tubes
100 min qty
from $3.54 to $2.63 ea
Dive into freshness with our Clear Chewy Mint Tubes, crafted to steal the spotlight at medical trade shows.
Made in Australia200g Mints In Large Pull Can
100 min qty
from $7.80 to $5.60 ea
Unveil a refreshing twist with our 200g Mints in Large Pull Cans—a budget-friendly delight that adds flair to your promotional efforts.
Made in Australia200g Chocolate Beans In Large Pull Can
100 min qty
from $10.88 to $7.83 ea
Unveil the delectable allure of 200g Chocolate Beans in Large Pull Cans, a treat that doubles as a canvas for your brand's logo.
Made in Australia50g Bar Mix
100 min qty
from $3.23 to $2.23 ea
50g Bar Mixes feature custom printing options to amplify your branding impact without exceeding your budget.
Made in AustraliaFruit and Nut Mix
100 min qty
from $1.80 to $1.24 ea
Embark on a flavourful journey with our Customisable Fruit and Nut Mix, the ultimate promotional powerhouse.
Made in AustraliaRice Crackers
100 min qty
from $1.65 to $1.22 ea
Embark on a journey of flavour with our 20g Rice Crackers, a delightful fusion of crunch and convenience tailored for savvy marketers.
Made in Australia50g Rice Crackers
100 min qty
from $2.25 to $1.38 ea
50g Rice Crackers offer a unique and effective promotional product designed to showcase your corporate image.

Corporate Gift Ideas

The personalized candy and branded lollies available here are a fun and unique way to promote a company, wedding, or organisation. These products can be customized with a company's logo, message, or personalization, which can help increase brand awareness and leave a lasting impression on guests.

For weddings and special events, personalized candy and branded lollies are a great way to add a personal touch to the occasion. They can be customized with the bride and groom's names or initials, or with a message for guests. They can be used as a sweet treat for guests to enjoy during the event, or as a take-home favor to remember the occasion.

For companies and organizations, ppromotional confectionery is a great way to promote a brand or message. They can be given away at trade shows or events as a promotional item, or used as a fun and interactive way to engage with potential customers. They can be displayed in clear bags, jars, or tins, which can be customized with a company's logo or message. Our personalised confectionery are just one of hundreds of corporate gifts Handy Imprints offers.

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