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Notepads11 items
Pen Holders
Pen Holders29 items
Pencils100+ items
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Sticky Notes
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Desk Accessories are an essential component of any office space. They not only provide functionality but also add to the aesthetics of the workspace.

Here you will find a wide range of products such as pen holders, paperweights, desk organisers, letter openers, memo pads, and more. These products serve a functional purpose while also contributing to the organisation and tidiness of the workspace.

Cool Novelty Desk Items, on the other hand, are designed to add a fun and quirky element to the workspace. These items could include unique shaped pen holders, stress balls, quirky paperweights, and more. These items are great for creating a personalised and fun workspace, which can boost morale and productivity.

All products can be custom branded with logos or designs, making them perfect for corporate gifting or promoting a brand. Custom branding also adds a professional touch to these items, making them great for enhancing brand image and recognition.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Desk Accessories

Desk Pen Organiser
50 min qty
from $11.55 to $9.13 ea
Desk Pen Organisers are an ideal custom promotional product for your business.
Barossa Pen Organizer
25 min qty
from $30.42 to $17.95 ea
Barossa Pen Organizers are large modern pen holders that will fit on any desk as an accessory.
Made in AustraliaPrinted A5 Notebook
100 min qty
from $4.29 to $1.09 ea
Printed A5 Notebooks are a functional and low-cost way of promoting your brand to new customers
Made in AustraliaCustomised A4 50 Page Notebook
100 min qty
from $6.81 to $3.39 ea
Customised A4 50 Page Notebooks have enough space for your logo and contact details plus much more
Half Sized Ruler
100 min qty
from $1.32 to $0.63 ea
Half Sized Rulers are cheap rulers that make effective promotional merchandise gifts
Stylish Letter Opener
25 min qty
from $18.84 to $8.29 ea
Stylish Letter Openers with a shiny ebony handle and metal finish are the perfect executive promotional product for corporate clients
Quality Letter Opener
25 min qty
from $20.16 to $7.24 ea
Quality Letter Openers can be customised with your company logo making them great promotional tools for your top end clients
Aluminium Ruler
50 min qty
from $5.42 to $4.31 ea
Aluminium Rulers feature a handy pen holder making these rulers an economical promotional idea for any business.
Made in AustraliaJumbo Twist Notes
100 min qty
from $10.74 to $6.83 ea
Jumbo Twist Notes are extra large personalised message pads
3 in 1 Ruler
50 min qty
from $11.10 to $6.76 ea
3 in 1 Rulers are convenient stationery items.
Transparent Ruler
250 min qty
from $1.26 to $1.03 ea
Transparent Rulers are easily custom printed with your logo
Skye Desk Clock
50 min qty
from $33.48 to $31.48 ea
Skye Desk Clocks are finished in a brushed aluminium.
Eton Ruler
50 min qty
from $11.55 to $8.04 ea
Eton Rulers have 5 pull-out rulers.
Made in AustraliaMichegan Note Pad
100 min qty
from $8.25 to $3.08 ea
Michegan Note Pads are supplied in size A5.
100 min qty
from $7.01 to $4.94 ea
Lewis Pen Holders are designed in the shape of a house.
Full Colour Printed Ruler
250 min qty
from $1.58 to $1.23 ea
Customised Full Colour printed rulers will wow your clients.
15cm Magnifier Ruler
250 min qty
from $1.62 to $1.26 ea
See your advertising goals clearly with Customised 15cm Magnifier Rulers.
Plastic Architects Ruler
250 min qty
from $2.45 to $2.12 ea
Whether you’re measuring your desk space or trying to draw a straight line, you will need these personalised Plastic Architects Rulers to get it done right.
Magnetic Money Tree
150 min qty
from $13.76 to $11.82 ea
The customised Magnetic Money Tree is a cheeky piece of art that will turn heads every time!
Cow Pen Holder
150 min qty
from $10.27 to $8.90 ea
Printed Cow Pen Holders are a fun way to keep your desk free of mess.
Important Info3 Day Service AvailableHouse Shaped Letter Opener
250 min qty
from $1.02 to $0.84 ea
Open advertising opportunities with Customised House Shaped Letter Openers.
Leather Look Pen Holder
50 min qty
from $11.42 to $9.76 ea
Custom Leather Look Pen Holders feature a minimalistic yet classy design, made of PU leatherette with velvet interior.
Speech Bubble Message Board
50 min qty
from $14.24 to $9.22 ea
Speech Bubble Message Boards are a brilliant way to inspire someone or express your feelings to others.
Wind Up Pumpkin
576 min qty
from $3.32 to $2.91 ea
Personalised Wind Up Pumpkins are must-have promotional give-aways for Halloween parties.
Important Info3 Day Service Available30cm Flexible PVC Ruler
250 min qty
from $1.41 to $1.20 ea
Customised 30cm Flexible PVC Rulers are great for students and architects.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Desk Accessories can play a crucial role in promoting a company or organisation. They are functional items that are used daily in the workplace and can be custom branded with logos or designs to increase brand visibility and awareness. The following items from Handy Imprints can be particularly effective in promoting a company or business:

Desk Organisers - Desk organisers are a great way to keep a workspace organised and tidy. By custom branding them with a company logo or design, they can help to increase brand visibility and remind employees or clients of the company's presence.

Pen Holders - Pen holders are a simple yet effective way to promote a company. By placing a custom branded pen holder on an employee's desk or giving them as gifts to clients, the company's logo will be prominently displayed.

Memo Pads - Memo pads are a staple in any office environment. By custom branding memo pads, companies can increase brand visibility and ensure that their logo is seen every time an employee or client writes a note.

Letter Openers - Letter openers are a functional and practical item that can be used on a daily basis. By custom branding letter openers with a company logo, they can help to promote the company and increase brand recognition.

At Handy Imprints, these Desk Accessories can be custom branded with logos or designs, making them perfect for promoting a company or business. By incorporating these items into daily office life, companies can increase their brand visibility and awareness, and create a lasting impression on their employees and clients. Best part is we can ship Australia wide, so it doesn't matter where you are, we can deliver to you.

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