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Desk Accessories - Cool Novelty Desk Items for the Office

Calculators100+ items
Clocks100+ items
Notepads16 items
Pen Holders
Pen Holders19 items
Pencils100+ items
Pens100+ items
Photo Frames
Photo Frames21 items
Rulers33 items
Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes100+ items

Our excellent range of promotional office and desk accessories will ensure that your business finds one that suits your corporate needs as well as your marketing budget. Whether your purchase executive desk accessories or budget desk accessories, one thing is for sure and that is they will all help to further and enhance your corporate image through their great promotional potential.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Desk Accessories

Photo Frame With Clock
25 min qty
from $21.04 to $14.65 ea
Photo Frame With Clock are quality promotional products with a combination of silver photo frame and time display
Black Business Card Displayer
25 min qty
from $23.71 to $15.17 ea
Black Business Card Displayers have a compact design and are presented in a black gift box making ideal gifts for clients
Silver Envelope Opener
50 min qty
from $11.26 to $7.64 ea
Silver Envelope Openers are an attractive and stylish customisable corporate gift idea
Combined Calculator Ruler
100 min qty
from $3.96 to $3.10 ea
Combined Calculator Rulers with easy to read display are a practical and useful addition to any desk
Flexi Calculator
100 min qty
from $3.29 to $2.70 ea
Flexi Calculators are a funky, fun way to get your corporate message across to your clients.
Deluxe Welded Counter Mat
250 min qty
from $8.87 to $5.51 ea
Deluxe Welded Counter Mats are custom promotional counter mats available in different styles
Nickel Plated Photo Frame
25 min qty
from $21.81 to $13.81 ea
Nickel Plated Photo Frames are the best value picture displays to offer to your clients as incentive products
Printed A4 Notebook
100 min qty
from $4.37 to $1.65 ea
Printed A4 Notebooks with 25 sheets are great for trade shows when you need a cheap way of promoting your brand
Customised A4 50 Page Notebook
100 min qty
from $5.52 to $2.65 ea
Customised A4 50 Page Notebooks have enough space for your logo and contact details plus much more
Quality Letter Opener
25 min qty
from $19.58 to $6.85 ea
Quality Letter Openers can be customised with your company logo making them great promotional tools for your top end clients
Sleek Business Card Holder
50 min qty
from $14.57 to $10.84 ea
Sleek Business Card Holders give your brand a sophisticated and stylish look that customers and clients will love
Metal Photo Frame
50 min qty
from $9.75 to $6.31 ea
Metal Photo Frames are premium picture frames that have a brushed aluminium coating and a glass lens
Aluminium Ruler
50 min qty
from $6.87 to $4.16 ea
Aluminium Rulers feature a handy pen holder making these rulers an economical promotional idea for any business.
Scale Ruler
50 min qty
from $8.10 to $5.13 ea
Scale Rulers are a 30 cm aluminium ruler and make a great value for money promotional product for your next giveaway day.
Rubiks Cube Keyring
500 min qty
from $8.33 to $2.44 ea
Rubiks Cube Keyrings are fun promotional items with plenty of space on each unit for extreme corporate branding
Custom Rubiks Cube
300 min qty
from $14.14 to $5.20 ea
Custom Rubiks Cubes are 57mm in size and come in a 2 x 2 format with room on each side for promotional marketing
Stylish Photo Frame
25 min qty
from $14.70 to $9.44 ea
Aluminium Photo Frames are the ideal way to frame any picture making these acrylic front picture frames a must have.
Ballerina Letter Opener
50 min qty
from $7.85 to $4.64 ea
Ballerina Letter Openers are ideal gift ideas for ballet schools and dance troupes
Polyester Mobile Phone Case
50 min qty
from $3.72 to $1.65 ea
Polyester Mobile Phone Cases are designed in a stretchy sock fashion with a neck cord and choice of 11 colours
Multi Function Photo Frame
25 min qty
from $30.15 to $20.53 ea
Multi Function Photo Frames feature a weather station, clock and calendar
Mini Foosball
10 min qty
from $71.60 to $63.00 ea
Mini Foosballs are exciting and fun promotional gift sets
Desk Organiser
25 min qty
from $30.09 to $20.49 ea
Desk Organisers are top quality office products.
Magnifier Bookmark
500 min qty
from $0.84 to $0.55 ea
Magnifier Bookmarks offer three functions in one item
12 Inch Ruler
500 min qty
from $1.43 to $1.13 ea
12 Inch Rulers come in three colour choices
Small Letter Opener
250 min qty
from $2.18 to $1.53 ea
Small Letter Openers are available in your choice of a multitude of colours.