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Customised Travel Products

Our travel items section has a great range of business card holders, compact mirrors, credit card holders, manicure sets, travel sewing kits, luggage locks, luggage name tags, travel bags and wallets. Whatever promotional travel goods you need, we have them here. Promote your business wherever you go by customising travel products like our card holders and money clips. We have other great travel accessory promotional products as well like our USB travel light and travel adapters that make going on the road easy and allows you to take your electronics outside the country.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Travel Items

Deluxe Bum Bag
25 min qty
from $16.35 to $11.09 ea
Quality Bum Bags have waist strap, main compartment, zippered side pocket and front pocket for deluxe bum bags
Budget Fanny Pack
100 min qty
from $7.07 to $6.05 ea
Inexpensive Budget Fanny Packs are excellent walkers bags or doggie treat bags with side release clip on waist strap
Wheeled Duffle Bag
10 min qty
from $55.43 to $41.85 ea
Large Capacity Wheeled Duffle Baggage are excellent club luggage items for all your sports kit or clothing for business meetings
Hanging Toiletry Bag
25 min qty
from $24.68 to $18.50 ea
Hanging Toiletry Bag in leather material with microfibre trim have a hanging hook and make great travel toiletry baggage
Glass Business Card Holder
25 min qty
from $15.68 to $9.38 ea
Glass Business Card Holder's are a great promotional maketing idea for your corporation
Black Business Card Displayer
25 min qty
from $23.71 to $15.17 ea
Black Business Card Displayers have a compact design and are presented in a black gift box making ideal gifts for clients
Leather Look Card Holder
50 min qty
from $4.77 to $2.86 ea
Leather Look Card Holders are the low cost business card pouches that make versatile executive gift ideas
Corporate Card Pocket
25 min qty
from $19.22 to $11.93 ea
Corporate Card Pockets are the premium quality business card holders that ensure you are ready for any promo opportunity
Pocket Business Card Case
25 min qty
from $19.47 to $12.11 ea
Pocket Business Card Cases are the stylish corporate card dispensers that work as effective promotional tools
Card Holder and Money Clip
50 min qty
from $9.26 to $6.53 ea
Card Holder and Money Clips are low cost corporate promotional items which ensure your business information is always on hand
Travel Comfort Set
50 min qty
from $7.83 to $5.17 ea
Travel Comfort Sets are the travel packs that make essential corporate products for any travelling executive
Covered Suitcase Label
25 min qty
from $17.71 to $10.84 ea
Covered Suitcase Label are the practical luggage tags which are low cost items to fit into your business budget
Business Card Wallet
50 min qty
from $8.64 to $5.38 ea
Business Card Wallets offer a great way to build upon the attractive image that you present for your company
10 Sleeve Business Card Wallet
50 min qty
from $11.25 to $7.58 ea
10 Sleeve Business Card Wallets are great merchandise ideas, every corporate worker needs a stylish business card wallet
Executive Business Card Case
50 min qty
from $7.53 to $4.68 ea
Executive Business Card Cases will display your corporate logo to your clients for a very effective promotional product idea
Pocket Card Case
50 min qty
from $6.45 to $3.83 ea
Pocket Card Cases make versatile promotional gifts and can be laser engraved and personalised to your business
Mini Business Card Holder
50 min qty
from $11.28 to $7.59 ea
Mini Business Card Holders are a stylish means of showcasing your corporate logo and make effective promotional gifts
Nylon Trolley Organiser
50 min qty
from $129.14 to $105.05 ea
Nylon Trolley Organisers are versatile and fashionable cases with space for embroided or screen printed company logos.
Executive Wheelie Bag
50 min qty
from $61.43 to $46.74 ea
Executive Wheelie Bags are perfect for promoting to executive staff and feature padded compartments.
Leather Business Card Wallet
50 min qty
from $10.34 to $5.44 ea
Leather Business Card Wallets are made from genuine leather and are premium corporate gifts
Executive Card Holder
50 min qty
from $10.20 to $3.94 ea
Executive Card Holders are the premium quality card holders with large executive appeal
Plane Travel Tag
50 min qty
from $9.46 to $4.44 ea
Plane Travel Tags feature and iconic plane and sleek design for a unique marketing item
Mini Salon Board
500 min qty
from $1.96 to $0.95 ea
Mini Salon Boards feature a quality foam insert for maximum comfort making them a versatile promotional gift idea
Wooden Mirror
150 min qty
from $4.37 to $3.37 ea
Wooden Mirrors are a great promotional tool that features a quality natural finish timber and the option of custom pad printing
Sleeping Eye Mask
250 min qty
from $4.44 to $3.70 ea
Sleeping Eye Masks are the perfect lightweight promotional gift that are made of quality nylon fabric

Corporate Gift Ideas

We have an excellent choice of custom travel items including executive gifts like airline cabin bags or cheap promotional items like plastic luggage tags. We have promotional products for all size budgets and we can customise any of our promotional merchandise with your corporate logo. Whatever you need in the way of travel items, we have it in this section. Pick from the above choices and enjoy browsing.