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Custom Printed Glassware

This category offers a wide range of high-quality glassware that can be customised with your company's logo or message. The custom printed glassware category includes a variety of glassware products, such as wine glasses, beer glasses, shot glasses, and tumblers. These products are ideal for bars, restaurants, and catering services, as well as for promotional events and marketing campaigns.

They are available at wholesale prices and can be etched or branded in bulk to meet your specific needs. This makes them an excellent choice for businesses and organisations looking to promote their brand or create a lasting impression on their customers.

In addition to custom printed glassware, Handy Imprints also offers a range of other glassware products, including champagne glasses, stemware, and decanters. These products are all high quality and are available in a variety of styles, making them a great addition to any home or establishment.

These products offer a great way to showcase your brand while adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your business. With custom branding options available and bulk wholesale prices, you can create a unique and memorable glass that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Glassware

425ml Brasserie Beer Glass
72 min qty
from $4.46 to $3.66 ea
Schooner Brasserie Beer Glasses with 425ml capacity are sleek glasses that can be used as high end promotional vehicles
285ml Angus Beer Glass
48 min qty
from $2.94 to $2.40 ea
Midi Beer Glasses come in a classic design with prime marketing opportunities available
420ml Viva Beer Glass
48 min qty
from $6.54 to $5.55 ea
Slim Beer Glasses are tall and can hold 420ml of your favourite beer
370ml Nierstein Beer Goblet
72 min qty
from $4.94 to $4.08 ea
Rounded Beer Goblets come with an unusual look and won't break your promotional budget
Classy Champagne Flute
72 min qty
from $4.62 to $3.80 ea
Classy Champagne Flutes are slim and make great promotional gifts during holiday events, such as New Year's Eve events
365ml Alpha Scotch Glass
96 min qty
from $3.55 to $2.99 ea
Double Scotch Glasses have a smaller look, but hold 365ml
Traditional Irish Coffee Glass
72 min qty
from $6.27 to $5.19 ea
Traditional Irish Coffee Glasses are sturdy and make great vehicles for your promotional brand and corporate logo
Premium High Ball Glass
72 min qty
from $7.55 to $6.31 ea
Premium High Ball Glasses with 285ml capacity are made from high end polycarbonate with room for promotional marketing
Polycarbonate Pint Glass
72 min qty
from $10.43 to $8.83 ea
Polycarbonate Pint Glasses with 570ml capacity make excellent promotional drinkware giveaways
Plastic White Wine Glass
72 min qty
from $7.87 to $6.59 ea
Plastic White Wine Glasses are ideal for outdoor catering events with a 200ml capacity
570ml Angus Beer Glass
48 min qty
from $6.57 to $3.59 ea
Promotional Beer Glasses in pint size with customisation options
414ml Alto High Ball Glass
72 min qty
from $5.63 to $4.63 ea
Large High Ball Glasses with 414ml capacity are made from fully tempered glass.
266ml Bristol Scotch Glass
72 min qty
from $3.87 to $3.09 ea
266ml Bristol Scotch Glasses are premium quality
310ml Loire Wine Glass
72 min qty
from $6.22 to $5.20 ea
310ml Loire Wine Glasses are the ultimate in style.
251ml Jerez Wine Glass
72 min qty
from $7.39 to $6.17 ea
251ml Jerez Wine Glasses are a popular choice to add to your wine glass collection.
The Oompapa
72 min qty
from $7.55 to $6.31 ea
The Oompapa are stackable polycarbonate glasses with 320ml capacity
European Beer Glass
72 min qty
from $10.11 to $8.55 ea
European Beer Glasses hold 310mls of beverages
The Baden
72 min qty
from $6.27 to $5.19 ea
The Baden wine glasses are polycarbonate wine glasses with a sublte 150ml plimsal line
Arzberg Wine
72 min qty
from $10.75 to $9.11 ea
Arzberg 400ml Wine glasses are the deluxe of all polycarbonate drinkware
Large Old Fashioned
72 min qty
from $9.47 to $7.99 ea
Large 375ml Old Fashioned drink glasses are stackable
400ml Epernay Red Wine Glass
72 min qty
from $15.12 to $11.50 ea
400ml Epernay Red Wine Glasses originate from Italy.
380ml Epernay White Wine Glass
72 min qty
from $15.44 to $11.78 ea
380ml Epernay White Wine Glasses feature a fine rim.
570ml Coburg Beer Glass
72 min qty
from $4.43 to $3.58 ea
Pint Sized Beer Glasses include a nucleated base
1L Bola Water Decanter
48 min qty
from $21.90 to $18.99 ea
1L Bola Water Decanters are large sized decanters
354ml Hamilton High Ball
72 min qty
from $7.15 to $5.96 ea
Custom High Ball glasses feature a clean, contemporary design

Corporate Gift Ideas

Custom branded glassware is a powerful marketing tool that can help companies, restaurants, bars, and hospitality services to create a recognisable brand identity and enhance the customer experience. They are perfect to increase brand recognition by adding company's logo or message.

They can also reinforce your brand image and create a professional look for the business. This can help to establish a brand identity and make the business more trustworthy and reliable.

You can also use them to promote special occasions such as weddings, where couples want to add a touch of elegance and personalisation to their special day. This can help to create lasting memories for all the guests who attend

We offer one of the largest collections of wine glasses and promotional products in Australia. Our range of promotional glassware includes an extensive variety of drinking glasses, from the affordable budget tasting glass to the elegant long-stemmed champagne glasses and signature red wine glasses. We also offer simple yet stylish promotional drinkware such as the shot glasses, and our range of promotional wine glasses continues to expand.

Promotional merchandise, such as wine glasses, has always been a popular choice for businesses looking to promote their brand. This is largely due to the frequent use of wine and beer glasses, making them an ideal promotional gift. Whether for personal use or for entertaining guests, branded glassware can be a unique and effective way to enhance brand recognition and create a lasting impression with customers.

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