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This section offers a range of clocks suitable for promotional purposes. It includes wall clocks, desk clocks, alarm clocks, and weather stations. Wall clocks come in various styles and materials, including metal, glass and plastic, and can be customised with a company's logo or message.

Desk clocks are suitable for office or home use and are available in various materials such as metal and wood. Alarm clocks are a practical promotional item, available in different styles, including digital and analogue. Weather stations provide an ideal promotional item for outdoor enthusiasts and come with a range of features, including temperature and humidity sensors.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Clocks

Sonata Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $26.15 to $11.50 ea
Sonata Desk Clocks have a retro style with an easy to read clock face incorporating a number every 90 degrees for easy reading.
Stylish Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $24.17 to $12.32 ea
Stylish Desk Clocks have a square shaped body and stunning red wooden feature perfect for a stylish business desk
Floating Wall Clock
25 min qty
from $18.79 to $6.96 ea
Floating Wall Clocks are creative promotional products that give the black clock face a floating look
Plastic Kitchen Timer
50 min qty
from $12.38 to $7.67 ea
Plastic Kitchen Timers are popular promotional giveaway products.
Magnetic Timer
50 min qty
from $10.78 to $6.44 ea
Magnetic Timers are practical and efficient promo items.
Desk Weather Station
25 min qty
from $27.02 to $19.13 ea
Desk Weather Stations include a back light
Product Is On SaleQuinton Wall Clock
25 min qty
from $24.26 to $16.30 ea
Quinton Wall Clocks are jumbo in size.
Gem Desk Clock
50 min qty
from $15.92 to $12.54 ea
Gem Desk Clocks have an LED alarm clock.
Pacer Stop Watch
50 min qty
from $5.17 to $4.13 ea
Pacer Stop Watches are the quintessential corporate gift customisable with your company name.
4 In 1 Desk Clock
250 min qty
from $8.17 to $6.72 ea
Custom 4 In 1 Desk Clocks are multifunctional with an alarm, calendar, timer, and temperature.
Die Cast Motorcycle Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $46.06 to $34.64 ea
Printed Die Cast Motorcycle Desk Clocks are perfect for enthusiasts.
Die Cast Trophy Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $38.59 to $29.19 ea
Die Cast Trophy Desk Clocks are fabulous branded gifts for competition winners.
Colour Changing Clock
25 min qty
from $22.46 to $15.06 ea
Printed Colour Changing Clocks will wake up your advertising ideas.
Boston Bamboo Clock & Weather Station
25 min qty
from $30.80 to $21.94 ea
Logo Boston Clock & Weather Station locks into several different positions.
Shower Sand Timer
100 min qty
from $4.89 to $2.59 ea
Help save water with Promotional Shower Sand Timers.
Two Minute Teeth Brushing Sand Timer
150 min qty
from $2.57 to $1.58 ea
Two-Minute Brushing Sand Timer is your new best friend for achieving that dazzling smile.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Products from our clock category can offer several benefits to companies and organisations.

Wall clocks, for instance, can be customised with a company's logo or message, providing a subtle yet effective way of increasing brand awareness in any workplace or public space. They can also create a professional look in the office and contribute to a more productive working environment by keeping everyone on schedule.

Desk clocks are practical and stylish promotional items that can be used in both the office and home environments. They can serve as a reminder of the company's message or brand, creating an ongoing relationship with the recipient of the item. Additionally, they can be gifted as a sign of appreciation to customers, clients, or staff.

Alarm clocks can be an ideal promotional item for companies in the hospitality industry, such as hotels and resorts. Customised with a brand logo or message, alarm clocks can offer a practical item for guests while simultaneously increasing brand awareness.

Weather stations are ideal for businesses related to outdoor activities and sports, such as camping, fishing or hiking. They provide an excellent branding opportunity and create an emotional connection with customers who enjoy the outdoors.

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