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Promotional Products
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Personalised Clocks - Cheap Printed Clocks

Desk Clocks
Desk Clocks100 items
Timers25 items
Wall Clocks
Wall Clocks11 items
Watches100+ items

Clocks have always proved to be hugely popular and we stock one of Australia’s largest selections of personalised clocks. Either engraved or printed, they are very cost effective and easy to brand with your logo or corporate message. You will find a cheap gift clock to fit every customer or executive in the huge range of products that we stock. With our own contracted engravers and printers you will be guaranteed to receive a quality finished personalised clock when ordering your clocks through us.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Clocks

Executive Weather Station
50 min qty
from $17.04 to $11.98 ea
Executive Weather Stations are attractive desktop additions that will make an ideal promotional gift for your company
World Map Clock
25 min qty
from $21.81 to $10.17 ea
World Map Clock is a multi functional world clock that can display the time in all 24 time zones
Square Wooden Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $29.45 to $18.96 ea
Square Wooden Desk Clocks have a huge space available on the top for your business logo to be laser engraved
Glass Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $34.69 to $23.10 ea
Glass Desk Clocks have a brilliant glass window body encasing the analog clock face. Elegant promotional gift
Cylinder Desktop Clock
25 min qty
from $31.45 to $14.01 ea
Cylinder Desktop Clocks are unique promotional gift items with rotating calendar read out and analog clock
Multi-Function Clock
25 min qty
from $19.84 to $9.28 ea
Multi-Function Clocks are the versatile promotional product that serves as a clock, timer, temperature reader and many more
Programmable Clock
25 min qty
from $17.97 to $9.83 ea
Programmable Clocks can be programmed to display a message making them unique promotional products
Water Saving Shower Timer
250 min qty
from $1.65 to $1.16 ea
Water Saving Shower Timers feature a four minute timer and are the eco-friendly and effective way to promote your business
Digital Shower Timer
100 min qty
from $4.47 to $3.67 ea
Digital Shower Timers are an excellent promotional gift product that is perfect for helping your customers conserve water
5 Minute Timer
150 min qty
from $1.66 to $1.32 ea
5 Minute Timers are popular promotional giveaway timers.
Promotional Clock
150 min qty
from $5.75 to $4.51 ea
Promotional Clocks shows the date and time.
Deluxe Silver Quartz Clock
25 min qty
from $25.84 to $18.09 ea
Deluxe Silver Quartz Clocks are packaged in a black gift box.
Plastic Shower Timer
50 min qty
from $7.32 to $4.32 ea
Plastic Shower Timers include suction cups
Silver Desk Clock
50 min qty
from $20.44 to $11.94 ea
Silver Desk Clocks have an alarm function.
Leatherette Desk Clock
50 min qty
from $21.64 to $17.11 ea
Leatherette Desk Clocks are multi purpose.
Tilting Desk Clock
50 min qty
from $22.83 to $18.23 ea
Tilting Desk Clocks are stylish and popular.
Zoe Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $46.26 to $37.19 ea
Zoe Desk Clocks are superior quality.
Fuel Pump Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $49.14 to $40.24 ea
Fuel Pump Desk Clocks are novel promotional tools.
Computer Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $41.71 to $31.40 ea
Computer Desk Clock are novel in shiny gold.
Justice Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $35.90 to $28.06 ea
Justice Desk Clocks are an excellent replica for the scales of justice.
Golf Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $38.40 to $30.76 ea
Golf Desk Clocks are a super promotional giveaway for a corporate golf day.
Orlando Desk Clock
25 min qty
from $21.38 to $11.83 ea
Orlando Desk Clocks have a colourful display.
Rivoli Travel Clock
25 min qty
from $14.40 to $7.70 ea
Rivoli Travel Clocks have a metal base.
Sebel Wall Clock
25 min qty
from $34.59 to $20.91 ea
Sebel Wall Clocks are produced with a brushed aluminium finish.
Happy Kids Teeth Timer
500 min qty
from $2.08 to $1.55 ea
Happy Kids Teeth Timers run for approximately 2 minutes

Corporate Gift Ideas

When you look for a quality metal clock, we have one of the largest selections in Australia. Our personalised clocks come in all shapes and sizes including wall clocks, solar powered, photo frame clocks and different materials such as wood and plastic clocks. Our cheap printed clocks are one of our most popular promotional products as they are a highly visible advertising item and a perfect corporate gift.

Our clocks are just one of the many products we offer. We also stock cheap watches in men’s and ladies styles for a great promotional item for your corporate message. Choose your promotional clock with confidence as we have been supplying quality merchandise to the corporate market for many years.