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Chocolate Business Card
50 min qty
from $5.93 to $3.66 ea
Chocolate Cards are a fun way to entice customers to your stand.
Chocolate Medal
100 min qty
from $4.50 to $3.63 ea
Chocolate Medals are fun promotional items that are shaped like a medal and include the necklace feature
Chocolate Medal with Printed Ribbon
500 min qty
from $5.55 to $4.55 ea
Chocolate Medal with Printed Ribbons include your company name on the ribbon attached to your custom logo chocolate
Chocolate Square
100 min qty
from $3.99 to $2.28 ea
Chocolate Squares are popular and inexpensive.
Croix Chocolate Medals
50 min qty
from $4.95 to $3.23 ea
Croix Chocolate Medals can be supplied in three different foil colours.
Galaxy Chocolate Stars
250 min qty
from $1.47 to $0.76 ea
Galaxy Star Shaped Chocolates can be supplied in your choice of nine different coloured foils.
Large Printed Wrapper Chocolate
250 min qty
from $5.72 to $4.09 ea
Large Printed Wrapper Chocolates are large chocolate bars that are wrapped individually in custom designed wrappers to suit your company
Mini Printed Wrapper Chocolate
250 min qty
from $2.78 to $1.99 ea
Mini Printed Wrapper Chocolates are wrapped individually with custom printed wrappers with your company logo and name
Personalized Neopolitan Chocolate
100 min qty
from $0.91 to $0.62 ea
Personalized Neopolitan Chocolates are delicious neopolitan squares in a promotional customized wrapper
Restaurant Chocolates
4 min qty
from $64.00 to $54.00 ea
Restaurant Chocolates can be personalised with your company logo or corporate message and perfect for as gifts to clients at the end of a dinner
Shell Pillow Chocolates
4 min qty
from $64.00 to $54.00 ea
Shell Pillow Chocolates come in a range of print and foil colours and are heat sealed for freshness
Single Box Chocolate Logo
500 min qty
from $3.92 to $2.96 ea
Single Box Chocolate Logos are great promotional gift products that have a custom printed box design with chocolate logo
Small Chocolate Square
600 min qty
from $1.43 to $0.53 ea
Small Chocolate Squares are tasty and inexpensive.

We are you best source for Custom Wrapped Chocolate Treats online! Our collection ranges from foiled medals to printed wrapper chocolates that are just perfect for trade events, fun fairs, birthday parties, holidays, and corporate occasions. Available in creamy milk, dark, Belgian, or chocolate praline, we have just the right Custom Wrapped Chocolate Treats to match your needs and budget. Our chocolate bars, squares, or chocolate candies are mouth-watering ways to thank your clients for their business. Save big on your bulk orders!

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