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Custom Audio Products

Headphones26 items
Radios14 items
Speakers21 items

Use our High-tech Music Accessories to create a promotional bang to your music-loving audience. We have the coolest earbuds, speakers, radios, and headphones that will make great music with your promotional message. Imprinted High-tech Music Accessories are compatible with most famous gadgets like the iPhone, iPad, Samsung phones, Samsung tablets, and more. They are made from high quality materials, produce amazing sound, convenient, and feature cool designs. Bulk orders of our High-tech Music Accessories get huge discounts.

Some Of Our Popular Corporate Items in Audio Products

Smiley Radio
50 min qty
from $8.82 to $4.07 ea
Smiley Radios with FM tuning and scan feature are available in red or blue and come with their own headphones
Presentation Ear Buds
100 min qty
from $6.94 to $3.63 ea
Presentation Ear Buds includes three sets of interchangeable ear buds.
Earphones in Clear Case
50 min qty
from $4.82 to $2.82 ea
Earphones in Clear Case are the best value in marketing tools.
Custom Bluetooth Speaker
25 min qty
from $30.67 to $20.39 ea
Custom Bluetooth Speakers are compatible iPhone, iPad, etc.
Colourful Bean Stand Speaker
50 min qty
from $7.94 to $6.60 ea
Colourful Bean Stand Speakers work like audio speakers and smartphone stands both.
Manhattan Speaker
25 min qty
from $33.84 to $23.49 ea
Manhattan Speakers are a powerful, wireless bluetooth speaker.
Hudson Speaker
25 min qty
from $52.32 to $37.06 ea
Hudson Speakers feature impressive audio detail.
Retro Cubed Speaker
50 min qty
from $36.37 to $19.79 ea
Retro Cubed Speakers are available in 5 colours
Shower Sound
25 min qty
from $86.67 to $48.29 ea
Shower Sounds is a waterproof speaker perfect for bath times
Alyan FM Alarm Clock
50 min qty
from $21.68 to $17.25 ea
Alyan FM Alarm Clocks include an FM auto scanner radio and a backlit LCD alarm clock.
Versatile Triple Display Radio
50 min qty
from $21.58 to $16.55 ea
Versatile Triple Display Radios have a temperature, time and date display along with an FM scanner radio.
Bubble Earphones
100 min qty
from $2.69 to $1.56 ea
Bubble Earphones are presented in a smart matching coloured case
Wired Headphone
50 min qty
from $10.58 to $8.78 ea
Wired Headphones are comfortable over-ear headphones with cushioning head band and luxury ear pieces.
Earbud Headphone in Round Plastic Case
100 min qty
from $1.40 to $1.20 ea
Earbuds/Headphones in Round Plastic Case fit most phones and media players.
Novelty Duster Top Earbud Set
100 min qty
from $3.22 to $2.73 ea
Novelty Duster Top Earbud Sets come packed in a Clear Tube.
Dome Bluetooth Speaker
25 min qty
from $37.60 to $25.31 ea
Customised Dome Bluetooth Speakers are perfect to hand out to your techie customers or on-the-go clients.