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What Are Popular Corporate Christmas Gifts

Every year when Christmas approaches, thoughts go to how I can show appreciation to clients who have been good for my business. The easy, no thinking gift has always been a gift hamper. The problem with these is usually half the products the recipient doesn’t like, and besides a small card, that’s it for branding, and once the hamper is gone, there are no reminders about your company.

A branded corporate gift, though, can last many years, giving your client reinforcement about your company each time they use the gift. So, the question remains – what should I give them? Hopefully, the below will help in giving you some ideas.

  1. Quality Pens
    These are a great option. If you go for a pen that is recognised in the marketplace, your clients will know you have given them something special. Depending on your budget, you could start looking at Parker pens, or if you want to be extravagant, you could look at either Cross or Waterman pens. A subtle engraving of your logo on the barrel, any of these pens would be gratefully received and last a lifetime.

  2. Outdoor Lifestyle Products
    Australia is blessed with a wonderful climate, and because of that, we love to be outdoors. There are some quality corporate gifts that perfectly suit this lifestyle. You could consider a beach towel, a BBQ set, foldable chairs or maybe a picnic set. All of these promotional products would be used over and over again. You just need to get your logo onto any of them and they would become the perfect corporate gift idea.

  3. Personal IT Products
    Technology is a part of everyone’s life nowadays, so why not pick something people can incorporate into it. The obvious one which we all need is power – so a quality power bank is one option. The next would be sound – a Bluetooth speaker people could take with them for travel, down to the beach or at a picnic to set the mood or just for home use. The other is still with audio, and that is headphones. Nowadays, with all the music streaming available, people listen to their music while travelling to work or at home just chilling, so a noise-cancelling set of headphones is always a winner.

  4. Homeware Products
    This might sound like a boring option, but it isn’t. There’s a wonderful choice of cheese boards that come with or without knife sets. Most are beautifully presented in some type of gift box and there is a massive range to choose from. Most as also eco-friendly due to the material used, and a discreet engraving on the side of the board, allows you to get your logo onto the product without it looking annoying. Every year we usually end up selling out of this range as it has been proven to be very popular.


So many choices, so many options – if you are confused about what would suit your business to purchase for your clients as Christmas gifts, give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to talk you through some options.

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