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We keep hearing in the news about how much manufacturing has left Australia and is now done overseas. However, there are still plenty of promotional products made here in Australia so we thought we would highlight some of them for you. Supporting Australian companies helps keep people employed, especially in these difficult times. Buying Australian made also means quicker production times, and you’d be surprised at the costs – sometimes it is almost on par with purchasing from overseas, so peruse this list and hopefully, you can find something to buy for your next promotion.

  1. Chocolates & Confectionery: We thought we’d start with a yummy one. There are many quality handmade and machine-made chocolates and confectionery right here in Australia. We list over 400 different types on our website. Our main supplies come out of Victoria, and you can pick from standard milk, dark or white chocolate or go upmarket and get some tasty Belgian chocolate treats. In addition, there are chocolate bars, individual chocolate pieces or for the wow factor, you can get custom shapes made.

  2. Disposable Coffee Cups: Manufactured from a company in NSW, the cups are all double-walled and are made from food-grade virgin pulp. Not only are they made in Australia, but they are also eco friendly as they will break down in compost. Disposable coffee cups are an obvious choice for cafes but have you ever thought of setting up a pop-up barista at a trade show or conference and having your company details on the cups. Every attendant at the show would then learn about your company when they order their cup of coffee.

  3. Mouse Mats: Yes, they have been around for years, but the humble mouse mat gives you plenty of advertising space, and they are very visual, being in front of clients all day long. Our Australian made mouse mats come from Victoria, and they are fast with production. They can be done in as little as 3 days. You can get all different types of backings such as 1mm natural rubber, 3mm sponge or a wafer-thin style that is perfect for mail outs.

  4. Fridge Magnets: Another hugely popular item are magnets. We also get these from a company based in Victoria. They have been around for many years and are super-fast. Three day production is no issue, and sometimes they have even turned jobs around in 24 hours. They do basic fridge magnets that are the biggest sellers – especially the business card size – but they also do a lot of specialty styles such as a fridge magnet with a notepad attached, calendar magnets and even jigsaw magnets. They are a very low-cost promotional product, so buying in the hundreds or thousands is affordable to any business.

  5. Sticky Notes: Made popular by 3M, many companies can produce a similar style to a 3M post it note and they are called sticky notes. Our supplier is based in Victoria and have been in business since the mid 1980’s. They have all the print facilities in-house, which means super-fast production and good quality control. They do the basic pad style, but you can also get speciality shapes particular to your industry such as a light bulb shaped pad for electricians. As everything is in-house, it also means they can cater to custom jobs, with a special shape just for your business.

  6. Stubby Holders: An Aussie icon, and who better to produce them than an Australian company. Our source is based in Queensland, and they’ve been making quality stubby holders for many years. They use only 5mm neoprene – not the thinner 3mm you’ll find from a lot of cheaper overseas manufacturers. Glued bases and stitched seams ensure their robustness and durability, and you can pick from either screen-printed stubby holders or glam them up and get a full-colour sublimation print.

Above are just some of the things you can buy that are Australian Made. If you want to focus on purchasing your promotional merchandise to be exclusively sourced from Australian manufacturers, just call or email us and we’d be happy to advise what would be available and what would work best for your promotional needs.

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