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Elevating Commerce with Conscience Through Promotional Products

Many brands are moving beyond mere commercial goals in a world where consumers are more socially and environmentally conscious. This movement is pronounced in Australia, with numerous companies merging profit with purpose. They’re employing promotional products that not only increase brand visibility but also make a significant impact on society. Here are some inspiring examples of how Australian brands are melding commerce with conscience.


Thankyou. – Ending Global Poverty


In recent years, the landscape of consumer goods and social enterprises has seen several standout players, but few have made as significant an impact as the Australian brand, Thankyou. Fueled by the ambitious aim of ending global poverty, this organisation has not only carved out a distinct niche in a competitive market but has also redefined what it means to be a socially-driven brand. 

Thankyou's journey began in 2008 when a group of friends, led by co-founder Daniel Flynn, were struck by the stark inequality of our world - where some people could purchase bottled water as a luxury, while others didn't even have access to basic clean drinking water. This realisation sparked the inception of Thankyou, a brand that would sell bottled water to fund life-changing water projects. While it commenced its venture with bottled water, the brand's aspirations didn't stop there. Today, their repertoire includes bottled water, personal care products, baby care items, and foods. Each product is developed sustainably, ensuring that its environmental footprint is reduced. 

One of the most notable features of Thankyou is its transparency. Using a unique tracking system, consumers can see exactly where the profits from their individual purchase are being allocated. By entering a product's tracker ID on the Thankyou website, customers can witness firsthand the projects they're supporting, whether it's a well in Cambodia or a sanitation system in Nepal. 

Thankyou has impacted countless lives, with millions of dollars channeled into projects across 20 countries. Their approach focuses on long-term solutions rather than short-term aid. This means investing in holistic community development, from setting up clean water and sanitation systems to offering training programs that empower communities to maintain these systems long after the project's completion. 

You can support them here 

Who Gives A Crap – Ethical Toilet Paper 

Who gives a crap

In the competitive world of consumer goods, standing out is essential. But standing out while making a significant social impact is truly commendable. "Who Gives A Crap" (WGAC) has managed to do just that. This unique brand has not only brought a fresh perspective to the seemingly mundane world of toilet paper but has also used promotional products creatively to drive its mission forward. 

The first thing many notice about WGAC toilet paper is its colourful packaging. Each roll is wrapped in paper bearing cheerful designs, catchy phrases, and compelling messages about the brand's social impact. By transforming the toilet paper wrapping into a canvas for their story, WGAC ensures that every bathroom becomes a mini advertisement for their cause. WGAC occasionally introduces limited-edition wrappers that coincide with specific campaigns or global events, such as World Toilet Day. These serve dual purposes: they add a novelty factor, encourage regular consumers to make repeat purchases, and they spotlight particular aspects of the sanitation crisis, educating consumers further. 

Beyond the exterior wrapper, WGAC often includes inserts within their bulk packages. These contain detailed information about the global sanitation crisis, the projects the company is funding, and the direct impact of consumer purchases. The insert turns a purchase into an educational opportunity, reinforcing the brand's mission. It's also not just about toilet paper. WGAC has expanded into branded merchandise, from reusable bags to t-shirts and mugs. Each item carries the brand's unmistakable wit and charm, ensuring the message spreads beyond the bathroom and into daily life. 

WGAC occasionally teams up with like-minded brands or influencers for limited-edition products. These collaborations often result in unique promotional items that raise brand visibility and direct a portion of profits towards sanitation projects. They also have an active social media presence, where they share behind-the-scenes looks at their projects, customer testimonials, and more. Their content, often humorous and always heartwarming, serves as bite-sized promotional products, advocating for their cause with every share or like. 

For subscribers to their service, WGAC sends occasional reminders and updates. These aren't just bland notifications but are creatively designed, often bearing fun facts, testimonials, or updates on the brand's impact. Such reminders act as mini promotional products, reaffirming the brand's value and mission in consumers' minds. 

You can support them here 

KeepCup – Promoting Reuse 

Keep Cup

KeepCup, hailing from Melbourne, has not only transformed how we drink our daily coffee but also shifted the conversation around sustainability. The power of KeepCup lies in its ability to transform a utilitarian item—the coffee cup—into a symbol of environmental activism. Central to its success is the brand's innovative use of promotional products to convey its mission. Here's a dive into KeepCup's promotional strategies that elevate their environmental advocacy. 

Their designs are modern and attractive, and come in various colours and sizes. This aesthetic appeal is an immediate draw, prompting discussions about the brand and its mission. Every conversation about its trendy design indirectly promotes its sustainable purpose. They also offer a "Design Your Own" feature, allowing users to customise their cup's colours, components, and size. This personal touch ensures that every cup becomes a conversation starter, acting as a personalised promotional product advertising both the brand and the user's commitment to sustainability. 

They have also collaborated with various brands and franchises, leading to limited edition designs like the "Star Wars" series. These collaborations appeal to fans and collectible enthusiasts, providing a unique angle for promoting the sustainable message embedded within. Their packaging doesn't just protect the product; it educates the consumer. The packaging details the environmental impact of disposable cups and the difference that a single KeepCup can make, ensuring that the brand's message reaches everyone who comes across it, even if they don't make a purchase. 

Beyond the cups, they a range of branded merchandise, from tote bags to pins. Each item amplifies the brand's sustainable message and broadens its reach, turning everyday items into promotional beacons for their cause. They also effectively use platforms like Instagram to showcase user-generated content, share sustainability facts, and promote global events like "Plastic-Free July." Their online presence serves as a digital promotional platform, with each post further embedding their mission in the minds of their audience. 

They have often engaged with sustainability influencers and brand ambassadors to expand its reach. Armed with their KeepCups, these individuals act as walking promotional products, showcasing their commitment to the environment and advocating for the brand's cause. 

You can support them here 

Good On You – Fashion with a Conscience 

Good On You

In today's consumerist world, the demand for ethical and sustainable fashion has never been higher. Leading this charge in the digital realm is "Good On You", an innovative app that guides conscious consumers. While it may not sell a physical product, Good On You has masterfully wielded the power of promotional products to champion its noble cause. Here's an exploration of the promotional strategies that the app employs to spotlight ethical fashion. 

One of its most influential promotional tactics has been its association with notable figures passionate about sustainability. Actress Emma Watson, known for her dedication to sustainable fashion, has publicly endorsed the app, amplifying its reach and credibility. Such endorsements essentially act as high-impact promotional products, garnering significant attention and trust for the platform. They also often team up with sustainable brands to create compelling content, from blogs to videos. This collaborative approach endorses the brands in question and reinforces Good On You's position as the go-to source for ethical fashion insights. These content pieces, when shared, act as promotional tools, educating and engaging the audience. 

Brands that rank highly on Good On You's ethical scale can showcase digital badges on their websites and social media. These badges serve dual purposes: they enhance the brand's ethical credentials while driving awareness of the Good On You platform. They also periodically launch interactive campaigns, encouraging users to challenge brands about their ethical practices. By providing templates or hashtags for these campaigns, Good On You ensures that each user-generated query or post is a tool highlighting the app's mission. 

The app regularly features sustainable brands, offering in-depth reviews, interviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. While providing valuable content, these features also serve as promotional partnerships, benefiting both the featured brand and Good On You. 

Their social media platforms are not mere promotional outlets but hubs of education and activism. By regularly sharing bite-sized information, infographics, and brand ratings, they ensure every share or like expands the reach of their ethical message. They occasionally offer exclusive discounts or host giveaways in partnership with ethical brands. While driving user engagement, these events serve as powerful promotional tools, highlighting the app's commitment to making ethical fashion accessible. 

They also enter the tangible world by participating in sustainability fairs, fashion events, or pop-up booths. Such engagements often come with promotional materials like brochures, stickers, or branded tote bags, turning attendees into brand ambassadors. 

You can support them here

Outland Denim – Fashion for Freedom 

Outland Denim

Fashion is not just about the final product; it's about the journey, the story, and the impact. Outland Denim, an inspiring fashion brand, truly exemplifies this ethos. More than just jeans, the brand represents hope, transformation, and empowerment. Central to its success is their incorporation of promotional strategies that champion their mission, making every pair of jeans a symbol of change. 

Each pair of Outland Denim jeans comes with a tag detailing the brand's mission and story. But it doesn't stop there. These tags often mention the name of the seamstress who crafted the jeans, humanising the product and directly linking the consumer to the brand's mission of providing employment opportunities to survivors of human trafficking. Their promotional campaigns often feature the very women they've empowered, showcasing their journey from victimhood to skilled artisan. This direct representation acts as a powerful promotional tool, highlighting the tangible change the brand has fostered. 

It frequently collaborates with influencers, celebrities, and organisations that align with its mission. When the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was photographed wearing Outland Denim jeans, it garnered significant attention for the brand. Such endorsements act as high-value promotional events, amplifying the brand's visibility and message. Beyond marketing its products, it is dedicated to raising awareness about human trafficking. The brand educates its consumers through blogs, videos, and social media posts. Each piece of content, while promotional, also serves a larger purpose of amplifying the conversation around human trafficking. 

Their packaging is not only sustainable but also informative. The packaging reinforces the brand’s commitment to environmental and social causes, ensuring that its story is being told before the product is even seen. They often host or participate in sustainable fashion or human rights events. These events come with promotional materials—brochures, banners, or presentations—detailing the brand's impact and mission. Attendees learn not only about the jeans but the stories behind them. 

By opening up their production process to the public, Outland Denim demystifies the journey of each pair of jeans. These sessions showcase the brand's transparency and commitment to ethical practices. On platforms like Instagram and Facebook, they share behind-the-scenes glimpses, testimonials from the women they've empowered, and insights into the world of ethical fashion. These posts, while promoting the brand, also educate and engage their audience on issues of human trafficking and rehabilitation. 

You can support them here



The Australian market showcases many brands that recognise the importance of having a positive social and environmental impact. The highlighted companies prove that promotional products can do more than just spread brand awareness; they can inspire change, promote goodwill, and establish a legacy of positive impact.

The blend of commercial ambition with social responsibility in these brands emphasises the evolving ethos in the business world. By supporting these brands, consumers are not just buying products but buying into a better, more equitable future.

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