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Don’t Waste Any More Time! Reasons To Use Promotional Wall Clocks

You’ve heard it before many times on previous blogs and probably anywhere else you read about promotional products. What are the keys to a good promotional item? They need to be visual, they need to be practical and they need to be used often. One product that is quite often overlooked, but ticks all these boxes are promotional wall clocks. You may not have considered them previously, but there are many compelling reasons why using wall clocks as part of your marketing strategy is a smart move.

Firstly, you have the visual. Doesn’t get more visual than a wall clock. If you add your logo to it, every time someone looks at the clock, they will see your logo. Most wall clocks are designed with clean crisp backgrounds, so anything printed on them is easily seen. A white dial looks great with a black printed logo or vice versa, a black dial with a white print is also easily read.

30cm Aluminium Wall Clock
30cm Aluminium Wall Clock
Carl Jorgen Wall Clock
Carl Jorgen Wall Clock

People are constantly checking the time throughout the day. Whether it is to get to a meeting or perhaps to check how long the meeting has to go, when is lunchtime or when is it time to leave the office. How many products can you think of that would be viewed this much? Plus, you need to remember it is not just one person looking at it. It’s an entire office, so although they may seem more costly to purchase, you are possibly getting 10, 20 or up to 50 people all looking at the wall clock at some stage during the day and this does not include visitors.

Next is the practical and wall clocks are very practical. As spoken about above, people are always checking their time. We are a time-driven society nowadays, so would be more practical than a wall clock they can quickly look at on a wall during the day.

Lastly, it is the part of is used often. You don’t want a promotional product tucked into the back of a cupboard or into the deep recesses of a draw or worse still to be thrown out when received. You want your client to use the product often and that is exactly what happens with a wall clock. As discussed previously, people are always checking the time, plus you have all that exposure. It is not like a pen where only one person is using it. Anyone in an office would be looking at a clock, plus potentially visitors would be doing the same.

A wall clock is a substantial gift. It may seem like a larger upfront cost than what you normally get but look at the benefits. Once it is put on an office wall, it is going to stay there for potentially years to come. People will be looking at it every day. Wall clocks have a very high perceived value, yet at wholesale, you can purchase them relatively cheaply.

If you are looking to buy some for your next promotion or perhaps just need help in picking the right promotional product for your next campaign, get in touch with us as we’d love to be able to help.

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