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Best Promotional Products For The Real Estate Industry

When it comes to the real estate industry, there are lots of ways to promote your business through used or branded promotional products. In today’s blog, we thought we would highlight some of the more popular selling categories and why they are a perfect fit for this sector.

1. KeyringsYes, we know this is an obvious one, but it is also the most popular product line, so we can’t miss it out. The great thing about keyrings is people will not throw them out. They will use them until they lose them, so if you are going to get keyrings done as a welcome gift for either the purchase or even a rental of a property, try and buy metal keyrings with engraving. The reason we say this is engraving will last the lifetime of the keyring. If you do printing, it will either fade over time or get scratched off as the keyring are thrown onto a table or desk or into a drawer. Spend a little extra and get them engraved. Rubber and plastic keyrings also serve a purpose and are better suited to lower-end clients such as people renting. There are so many keyrings available – we have over 500 just on our site – that there is one to suit every company.

2. Cheese Boards: This might sound a little out of the left-field but custom cheese boards have been a big seller in the past few years. They are a great housewarming gift to someone who has just bought a property from you. You can get a subtle engraving on the edge of the cheeseboard so it doesn’t take away from the product itself and people won’t have qualms to bring it out when entertaining. They also make a great conversation piece for the owners to tell their guests about and the follow-on from that is they talk about your company and perhaps you get another sale.

3. Wine CoolersAnother great housewarming gift is wine coolers. You can get a tone on tone engraving to keep it subtle. People use wine coolers for entertaining, or you could get a portable wine cooler so people can take them to parties or BYO restaurants. They are a versatile product that people will keep and use whenever the occasion arises.

4. Custom Labelled Sparkling WineThis is the perfect add-on to a wine cooler gift. Why not give a wine cooler and a bottle of custom labelled Sparkling Wine for them to celebrate the purchase of their new home. If you don’t want to give them a wine cooler, you could get a timber box with a sliding acrylic top to which the sparkling wine can fit. It’s a lovely way to present the gift and gives it a much higher perceived value. Any recipient will love this and think you have gone to a lot of trouble to organise.

5. Fridge MagnetsThis one is not for when selling a house, but as a way to get your real estate agency in the face of potential clients. When you do a mail-out brochure, add a magnet to the brochure. People have no qualms about throwing out paper – it has no material value – but when you add a magnet, they will be hesitant to throw it out if they think they can use it in the future. They will throw it on their fridge door or another part of the house where they keep magnets, so your name will always be there if the time comes when they want to sell their property.

6. Promotional PensThis one follows on from the magnet idea. Another great insert for mail-out campaigns is promotional pens. Again, people may throw out the brochure, but they are not going to throw out a pen. Use this opportunity to promote yourself with your company name, website and phone number, so if they ever decide to sell their property or want to buy something else in the same neighbourhood, you’ll be on the top of their list.

There are so many ways Real Estate agents can utilise promotional products to their benefit. If you are looking to use them to raise awareness about your company, but need help, just give us a call or send us an email and a sales representative will be happy to assist you.

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